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Volunteer Opportunities

Families Need Your Help Today

LBDA estimates at least 3 in 100 people over 65 in the United States have some form of LBD, meaning approximately 1.4 million people living with LBD need your help!

Ways you can help:

  • share your personal experience with other caregivers, via the LBD Caregiver Link

  • facilitate a support group

  • raise awareness in your local community 

  • plan a fundraising event in honor of your loved one

  • serve as a volunteer moderator on LBDA’s online Forums .

  • provide an in-kind donation of professional services (such as website design, graphic design, and printing services.)

  • serve on our Board of Directors.

Fill out this brief form in the link here to get started volunteering with LBDA!
Questions on volunteering or in-kind donations?
Contact LBDA at lendahand@lbda.org