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LBDA Social Networking

Social Networking

LBDA is on Facebook! Social networking is an easy and fun way to connect with other LBD families and raise LBD awareness. Click here to join.

Find LBDA at LinkedIn too! Join our growing network of professionals who have a vested interest in Lewy body dementia! Click here to join.

Facebook Groups: LBDA provides two Facebook groups to support the LBD community.

LBDA Care Partners - a place to provide support and guidance as well as share information and resources. Membership is limited to care partners of those living with Lewy body dementia.

Living with Lewy - This group is intended only for those living with LBD to provide information and support. Membership is limited to those with Lewy body dementias.

Living Together with Lewy - This group is intended only for those in the early stages of LBD and their care partners.

Now you can follow LBDA on Twitter! Follow us @LBDAssoc to get up to the minute headlines and happenings on LBD and LBDA! Click here to join.

Other LBD Social Networks

The LBD Caregivers Yahoo Group

It is a members-only, online support group for all friends and families of someone with LBD, as well as caring professionals.  Membership is free.  Click here to join.

LBD Caring Spouse Yahoo Group

It is a members-only, online support group for spouses only, providing a smaller and more intimate community of people who care for and love someone with LBD.  Membership is free, but members must be approved by the moderator.  Click here to join.