Those with LBD and Caregiver Services | Lewy Body Dementia Association LBDA

Those with LBD and Caregiver Services

LBDA provides a variety of online resources for LBD families:

The Lewy Digest

LBDA's digests feature informative articles on LBD, personal stories of people facing LBD with dignity and courage, highlights in LBD research, LBDA news and events, and more.

LBDA's Online Community

The LBDA Forums are a place for LBD caregivers and those with LBD to meet and share their LBD experiences.

Local Support Groups 

Find a local LBD support group near you, or contact LBDA to start one in your community!

LBD Caregiver Link

LBDA volunteers connect one to one with LBD caregivers via telephone and email for this peer-to-peer support service. 


LBDA provides relevant resources on LBD to assist people living with LBD, their families and physicians.


LBDAtv features archived webinars and educational presentations by physicians and professionals on a range of topics relating to LBD.